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Externe Dissertationen

Xuan Ma: “Permeable Borders: Examining Displacement in Contemporary Chinese Diaspora Art”.
Co-supervisor: Dr. Franziska Koch, Universität Heidelberg

Mireille Cornelis: "The Spontaneous Stance: Karel Appel and the Changing Role of Drawing in Post-War Modern Art"
Co-supervisor: Dr. Jos P. ten Berge, VU Amsterdam

Joanna Mardal: „Reimagining Europe’s ‘Other“: Reclaiming the Balkans through Contemporary Art"
Co-supervisor: Prof. Dr. Amy Bryzgel, University of Aberdeen

Sofia Bourantoni: „Dissonant Heritage: The ‘Infected’ and Wounded Spaces of Spinalonga, Poveglia and Chios Island“
Co-Supervisor: Dr. Gertjan Plets, Universiteit Utrecht