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Co-teaching seminar by Elisabeth Andersen (NIKU/Oslo) and Prof. Dr. Hiltrud Westermann-Angerhausen

Religious Art in Norwegian Churches from medieval to post-Reformation time

19-21 April 2018, 10.30-18.00 h, & 23.03.U1.25, incl. a one-day field trip (English, Übung vor Originalen, B.A.-KF: Basismodul V/Aufbaumodul III, B.A.-EF: Basismodul III, Master: Modul I/Modul II/Modul III)

The aim of this course is to give an overview of the development of Medieval Art in Europe, shown by Norwegian examples. The course will deal with various aspects of church decorations, sculptures and liturgical objects in the Middle Ages. We will discuss materials, style and motives from the 12th to the 15th century. Course participants will also be introduced to the rich and unique Art history of the Stave Churches with their carved portals, church interior with wooden sculptures, painted altar pieces and liturgical objects.
Differences in type and style for furnishing liturgical spaces will then be explored  by visiting the high choir of Cologne cathedral with its rich liturgical furnishings of the 13th to 14th centuries and by comparing highlights of Norwegian figural sculpture like the Heddalen Madonna and others with Rhenish sculpture of the 12th and 13th centuries in the Museum Schnütgen.

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